Why choose a canopy with an aluminium frame?

16 Apr 20

With many types of canopy in the marketplace you may be wondering which material is the best choice for your framework. Popular choices are steel, wood and aluminium. At Birchwood Trading we have a selection of aluminium frame canopies, carports and verandas to choose from and here are a few good reasons why we fly the flag for aluminium.

  • Rust Resistant – We all want our investment to last and look its best for many years to come. When choosing a metal for an outside structure aluminium is ideal because it is naturally rust resistant and will not rot over time unlike some other materials.
  • High Strength – Aluminium’s high strength combined with its light weight has led to it being a popular choice for use in construction. Aluminium becomes even stronger in the cold weather, making it the perfect choice for use on outdoor structures like canopies and carports in the UK climate.
  • Seamless One-Piece Sections – Aluminium can be moulded and shaped into single-piece sections. These sections are much stronger, easier and quicker to assemble than alternatives that require a multitude of parts to create a similar section of the canopy. Commercially a canopy that is quick and easy to assemble can save you money on labour costs.
  • Fire Resistant – Uncoated aluminium is naturally fire resistant and achieves an A1 fire rating - the best fire rating possible. Most canopies are powder coated to add colour so you should take into consideration that once a coating is added to the metal, the fire rating will be affected. However, a powder coated surface should still offer a good fire rating.
  • Recyclable – As we are all becoming more environmentally conscious it is worth mentioning that aluminium can be recycled many times over. As long as it is disposed of correctly for recycling it should never end its days in landfill.
  • Choice of Finishes and Colours – Powder coating aluminium canopies will both add colour and protect the structure that you have invested in. Many of our canopies can be powder coated to any standard RAL colour so that you can either make a statement or blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

If this has whetted your appetite for a canopy with an aluminium frame then take a look at our range and be sure to get in touch if you need any assistance.


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