25 May 16
New Veranda Roof

When faced with refurbishing the roof of a farmhouse veranda the P280 structural glazing bar from Birchwood Trading was the perfect product for what transpired to be a fabulous transformation.

The original veranda, thought to be at least 60 years old, consisted of a wooden structure mounted on a complex trellis at the front and secured to wooden wall plates running along the front of the house. The old roof was part tiled and part acrylic corrugated translucent sheets which had weathered and were in poor state of repair.

The original intention was to replace only the acrylic section of the roof, but on further examination the roof structure in this area was found to be in danger of disintegrating. The decision was made to glaze the entire roof using the P280 structural glazing bar glazed with 6mm toughened glass, which was supplied by others. Using comprehensive installation instructions all 21 sheets of glass were satisfactorily installed by the owners of the farmhouse. Natural daylight now flows through the glazing and the finished veranda perfectly complements and adds much needed brightness to the traditional farmhouse exterior.

New Veranda Roof New Veranda Roof

The P280 structural glazing bar system is a two-part, 60mm wide medium span system designed for installing both multiwall and solid polycarbonate as well as glass. When glazing with multiwall polycarbonate it can span up to 3.2m between fixing points and 2.6m when installing solid polycarbonate. If fitting 6mm toughened or laminated glass it can span up to 2.2m. For longer roofs the use of additional intermediate purlins provides extra fixing points.

The system is supplied pre-packed which consists of a 60mm wide aluminium base bar complete with flat gaskets, a 60mm wide screw-on aluminium capping bar complete with flat gaskets, and a screw-fit plastic end plate. An aluminium mechanical end plate (available separately) is recommended when installing glass.

The base bar should be fixed to its supports at the top, middle and bottom, the glazing faced up and the capping bar screwed into place. Plastic screw cover caps give a neat finish. Each bar is completed with the use of the push-fit end plate for polycarbonate or mechanical end plate for glass.

The P280 glazing bar system is stocked as individual packs in white, brown and mill finish in a range of lengths.


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