A custom fit solution to one customer’s health and safety headache

17 Sep 18

When (literally) faced with steel I-beams at head height on a high level walkway a speedy and cost effective solution was required to a potentially dangerous situation.

A total of 24 custom made 3 sided safety pads were produced on a quick two week turnaround. Each pad measured 60mm x 200mm x 60mm and was 1500mm long. Manufactured to the customers exact measurements, the outcome was “a really good fit”. The vivid and highly visible yellow polyester outer was coated with a flexible plasticised PVC to both sides. This makes the padding waterproof and easy to keep clean.

At the customer’s request the pads were supplied without the usual Velcro fastening, choosing instead to use zip ties.

I-beam Padding I-beam Padding
I-beam Padding I-beam Padding


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