Have you ever wondered what recycled polycarbonate is?

24 May 19

We are often asked what makes our recycled polycarbonate ‘recycled’, so we thought we would give a simple snap-shot of the process.

When a customer orders cut to size pieces of polycarbonate they are taken from a full size sheet so off cuts are a by-product of that process.

Rather than discard these smaller and often unusable pieces to landfill, they are ground into very small pieces and then put through the manufacturing process again to produce new glazing sheets.

As the sheets are not manufactured using virgin resin they naturally have an opal finish.

We have recycled (or regrind) multiwall polycarbonate available to buy in either 10mm or 16mm thicknesses. We will cut to your required size and deliver free of charge to UK mainland.

Recycled Multiwall Process


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