Kit Canopy protects a classic car from the elements

4 Feb 20

When you have a vehicle that you want to protect from the elements but you don’t have a garage, a carport can be the perfect choice. These structures are quick and easy to install and are often more cost effective than building a traditional garage.

Mr and Mrs M’s cherished 34 year old Renault 4 now happily resides under a Kit Canopy.

Described by Mr M as an ‘excellent product’, the canopy measures 4000mm wide with a projection of 3000mm and has been installed at the side of their property. With a powder coated aluminium frame in white and 16mm thick clear multiwall polycarbonate the carport is low maintenance, only requiring an annual washdown with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

The polycarbonate roof will also provide UV protection, preventing sun damage to the car’s exterior as well as protecting from rain and snow.

‘Delighted’ with the canopy, Mr M goes on to say ‘It is certainly sturdy – supports, frame and roof cladding seemingly immune to the high winds we’ve been experiencing here at 800ft above sea level; and the innovative integral roof-water discharge system has coped perfectly even in the torrential rain we’ve been hit by in the last 2-3 months. (There’s a convenient ‘house’ roof-water downpipe and gully just 18 inches from the bottom of the rearmost canopy post!)

And actual installation, whilst requiring two pairs of hands especially when fitting the roof panels, was straightforward if a little ‘fiddly’ at times! And with our driveway being on a slight cross-slope, plus the need for suitable fall along the ‘gutter beam’ to allow roof-water to drain to the rear, each post needed cutting to length. The sturdy aluminium certainly made that task easy, and the chaps also made light work of providing suitable height-compensating concrete slab footings for the three supports we decided to use. And although I’m confident that two posts would have sufficed even at our windy altitude, I certainly recommend three: even if unnecessary for ‘structural’ purposes and the canopy's modest 4.0m length, the three certainly makes for a sturdier appearance!’

Kit Canopy protects a classic car from the elements


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