No ordinary safety pads

18 Mar 19

A primary school in London is now feeling the benefit of 21 custom safety pads with a difference... they have lids!

Used to completely cover bollards in the South Kensington play area, they not only make the area much safer for playing children, they also add a splash of vibrant colour with their orange rip stop covers.

The pads and lids are held in place with robust Velcro fastenings and can easily be kept looking fresh with a warm soapy water wipe down.

Prior to placing the full order, our customer requested a sample pad be manufactured to their exact specification. This type of pad was a first for Birchwood Trading and we are delighted with the end result.

If you have objects in your playground that could cause injury on impact then please get in touch.

Circular padded post protectors with lids


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