Safety padding prevents accidental damage to vehicles

3 Aug 17
Post Protectors at Think Ford

Even the slightest impact or dent on a vehicle can cause significant damage and cost to businesses such car auctions, car sales, petrol stations and garages.

We can provide safety padding for pillars and posts within a premises to prevent cars from knocking against or car doors opening into them. Our padded post protectors are ideal for use where vehicles are constantly moved around, reducing the risk of damage to the cars and the consequential uninsured losses. Our high impact, reinforced foam padding with waterproof covers are an effective solution. They are incredibly hard-wearing, featuring reinforced PVC rip-stop covers and are available in a range of colours.

Think Ford Reading recently purchased three fluorescent yellow pads for its workshop. The brightly coloured pads were easy to install using the Velcro fastenings and described as “a very good product” by the customer who also gave the product a five star rating, adding that “They do exactly what we need to stop cars being damaged against concrete posts. Very high quality and worth every penny.”

So delighted was Think Ford with the pads that they returned to us five months later and ordered three more to cover the remaining columns in the workshop.

Post Protectors at Think Ford Post Protectors at Think Ford


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