Solid polycarbonate that looks just like Georgian wired glass!

27 Jul 16
Georgian Wired Polycarbonate

When a sympathetic glazing refurbishment is required, but the modern day standards of health and safety are essential, Twinfix GW Polycarbonate™ from Birchwood Trading strikes the perfect balance between old and new.

This innovative product is a 6mm thick dimpled surface solid polycarbonate glazing sheet that mimics the appearance of Georgian wired glass. It is ideal for listed buildings and heritage sites.

Its lightweight (just 7.2kg/m²) and impact resistance are a key advantage and make it safer to transport and install than traditional Georgian wired glass. Being virtual unbreakable negates future costly broken glazing replacement. Retaining its properties at both high and low temperatures, +100°C to -40°C helps to eliminate the maintenance costs involved in replacing broken glazing. It can also withstand natural forces like severe wind, hail, and snow storms as well as building movement.

Samples are available on request. Sheets can be purchased in standard sizes from the Birchwood Trading website. A cut to size service is also offered.


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