We are now selling with OnBuy!

15 Jan 19

Have you heard of OnBuy.com? Billed as the new alternative to Amazon, OnBuy is an innovative UK based online marketplace. Offering popular brand items from home, garden and pet supplies to movies, games and music it is no surprise that it is rapidly growing in popularity.

Birchwood Trading has decided that this is the perfect platform to showcase a selection of its most popular glazing bars suited to the DIY market. These self-supporting and rafter glazing bar systems are suitable for use with glass or polycarbonate and can be used for domestic or commercial applications such as carports, entrance canopies, patio covers, lean-to, pergola and conservatory roofs.

In addition you will also find the full selection of Canofix cantilever canopies for sale. In recent years this multipurpose lightweight and durable canopy has been a top seller for Birchwood Trading. Offering sheltered outdoor space at an affordable price, this quality product is made from durable polycarbonate and aluminium. Available in a range of set projection sizes the width of this canopy is unlimited. Most commonly used as entrance canopies, smoking shelters, walkways and covered storage areas they have been a popular investment for many homes and businesses throughout the UK.

Search for Birchwood Trading on OnBuy.com. Placing an order is easy and you can pay by PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and AMEX.


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