Which canopy is best for my home or business?

18 Mar 21

With many of us staying closer to home again this year, and social distancing measures in place for many businesses, sales of canopies, walkways and verandas are on the increase.

When it comes to investing in a structure for your home or business, there are some important questions you should consider to ensure you purchase a product that meets your needs and stands the test of time.

Whatever stage of the buying process you are at, stop for a moment and ask yourself these few simple questions before you commit to a purchase.


What will my canopy be used for?

The intended use can affect the appearance, construction materials and size of the structure.

Kit Canopy

How big does my canopy need to be?

Decide on the size so that you can firstly a system that is available in your width and projection and secondly know how much it is likely to cost.


What is my budget?

Deciding on how much you can afford and want to spend is important. We offer a wide range of canopies to suit different budgets. Remember when working out and comparing prices to consider things like delivery charges and additional extras which can all add up.


Can it be fitted to a wall?

Wall fixed (lean-to) structures are more common, cost effective and also space-saving.

Kit Canopy

Does it need to provide shade from the sun?

If you want your veranda to provide shade and protection from the sun’s harmful rays, then UV protection will be important to you. This is particularly important for children and pets.

Keeping doggies dry!

Is noise during a downpour an issue?

Rainfall on a polycarbonate roof can be heard much easier than on a glass roof canopy. Some people find this sound relaxing, however if you want to keep rain noise to a minimum, then a glass roof is your best option.


What colours area available?

Many suppliers offer their structures in a range of core colours such as white, brown and grey to compliment the majority of household window frames. If you are looking to create an exact colour match, perhaps for heritage reasons or to fit in with a corporate colour scheme, then you will need to find a system that can be powder coated to any RAL colour. This optional extra can sometimes mean longer lead times, so factor this in if you need your canopy within a certain timeframe.

Coloured canopies

Will I be able to see the sky through the canopy roof glazing?

Glass or solid polycarbonate (with its glass like appearance) are the best options if you want to view the open sky. If this is not important to you then structured multiwall polycarbonate would be suitable and also more cost effective.

Clear as glass (or solid polycarbonate!)

Which is safer, glass or polycarbonate?

Many suppliers offer toughened glass as standard, however polycarbonate is much stronger and is up to 200 times more impact resistant than glass.


We hope you have found this short canopy buying guide useful. We are available to answer any other questions that you may have so please get in touch via the contact form or call us on 01925 826314


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