You can’t wrap children in cotton wool

13 Mar 19

You can’t wrap children in cotton wool, but you can fit safety padding to potential collision hazards.

Canopies are becoming increasingly popular in educational facilities across the UK, allowing extra covered space for children to learn, play and socialise.

The majority of our safety padding is sold to schools and nurseries either direct or via a contractor who is installing a canopy, walkway, covered play area or playground shelter with supporting posts that are a potential collision hazard for playing toddlers and children.

Installing made to measure and easy to install safety padding around these posts has offered peace of mind to many.

Whether you are a nursery, a school, a council or a contractor you can let us know your post measurements and we'll prepare a quote for you. Each pad is custom made to your required size and shape (round, square or rectangular) and is available in a range of colours to suit your surroundings. The strong Velcro fastenings make installation quick and easy.

Visit our padded post protectors page where you can find more information, a colour chart and a handy diagram to show you how to correctly measure your posts.


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