Acrylic Sheet


Our high gloss acrylic sheet offers a combination of excellent optical clarity and weatherability yet it is only half the weight of glass. The product is manufactured under stringent quality controls to ensure a highly consistent premium product. Its versatility, ease of fabrication and scratch resistance make acrylic the ultimate choice for use in interior design, point of sale and display applications, fabrications and building industries.

Acrylic is easy to work with using most standard workshop equipment and can be machined on conventional high-speed milling machines. When drilling, we recommend the use of drill bits specially designed for acrylic, however, any commercially available drill for wood or metal can also be used. When these are being used, it is advisable to grind small flat areas on to the two cutting edges and use a slower speed and feed rate. Always ensure the material is well clamped to prevent movement.

Acrylic sheets are often mounted into frames and care must be taken to avoid breakage or distortion. The sheets have a high coefficient of thermal expansion and therefore sufficient space must be left for expansion, both of the sheet itself and any fixing holes needed.

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