Domes & Rooflights


Sleek, contemporary aesthetics inside and out have been central to the design vision for Mardome. The clean lines of the pristine white kerb complement the aerodynamic low rise glazing unit giving the overall impression of a modern, stylish rooflight feature. An architectural aluminium security frame on Mardome Ultra conceals the security fixings for a superior finish. Internally, all cabling and actuators are hidden within the kerb on mains powered units for an uninterrupted streamlined lightwell which contributes to the overall design architecture of internal spaces.

Rooflights have an important part to play in the energy efficiency of your building. So the new Mardome has been designed to be the most insulating unit ever without compromising on the quality of natural light transmission. A new multi-wall kerb has been incorporated to achieve higher levels of insulation. The unique glazing cassette improves thermal performance and facilitates more energy efficient triple and quad skin glazing options. The overall result is that triple skin Mardome rooflights achieve a centre pane U-value of 1.8 W/m²K and a Ud-value which ranges from 1.25W/m²K for a 600x600mm dome to 1.51W/m²K for a 1200x2400mm dome. Higher performance glazing options can further reduce the Ud-value to as low as 0.95W/m²K, exceeding the requirements of Part L of The Building Regulations 2006.

Ease of installation has been a key consideration in the design of Mardome. Every Mardome is delivered complete and ready to fit. The new multi-wall kerb is robust and resilient to damage during installation. A factory fitted membrane clamp has been incorporated to the kerb, which holds the roofing felt or membrane in-place during installation and acts to prevent peel back of the roof covering once fitted. The kerb foot has also been specially designed to allow the roof covering to be finished without the need for any timber fillets.

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