Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet


Glazing products manufactured from multiwall polycarbonate have excellent impact resistance, are light in weight, easy to handle and offer excellent long-term weather durability at both high and low temperatures. Polycarbonate glazing can provide high levels of light transmission and heat insulation, combining to offer good energy savings, especially in buildings with a 24/7 working pattern.

We offer a range of multiwall polycarbonate glazing products, designed for different applications, markets and budgets:

  • Standard Multiwall Polycarbonate sheet may be used for either vertical or roof glazing applications. It is available in a range of tints, thickness, width and length. It may also be cold curved to create barrel vaulted roof glazing.
  • Recycled Multiwall Polycarbonate sheet is a cost effective version of the above. This is not available as a clear product.
  • Clickfix 1040 is a 500mm wide, 40mm thick multiwall polycarbonate plank that clicks together to form either a vertical wall or a sloping roof glazed within an aluminium frame.

Please note that multiwall glazing is designed to be used with the flutes running down the slope (or length), i.e. away from the wall. Installing it with the flutes horizontal to the wall may result in failure, especially in high winds or heavy snow falls.

Typical applications for this versatile glazing material include:

  • Industrial and commercial roof glazing / northlights
  • School playground canopies and walkways
  • Commercial and domestic greenhouses
  • High level vertical glazing
  • Vertical glazing where light is required, but combined with an element of privacy
  • Roof glazing for car ports and patio covers
  • Conservatory roofing
  • Partition walls

Multiwall polycarbonate may be recycled at the end of its long life span.

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