Rafter Glazing Bar Systems


We offer a wide range of rafter glazing bar systems, the majority of which can be used for glazing with glass or solid polycarbonate, in addition to the multiwall polycarbonate for which they were designed.

With the exception of the Capex system, our rafter glazing bar systems feature a screw-down aluminium capping bar which are designed to hold the glazing material securely in place, whether that be multiwall polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate or glass.

For roofs in exposed areas, we recommend one of our 60mm screw-down glazing bar systems such as the P261 or P320 as the extra width gives a more secure fixing, especially for 25mm thick multiwall polycarbonate.

All of our rafter glazing bar systems require a timber or steel rafter to support them along their full length and a minimum pitch of 5° is recommended to prevent water ingress.

Please note that the use of stainless steel screws is recommended with all of our aluminium glazing bar systems.

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