Solid Polycarbonate Sheet


Our clear solid polycarbonate sheet is available in a range of thicknesses from 3mm up to 12mm. It has double sided UV protection and is over 200 times stronger than the equivalent thickness of standard float glass, making it virtually unbreakable and able to withstand accidental impacts and determined acts of vandalism.

Solid polycarbonate is very light in weight, making it easy to handle and transport. It has a good light transmission and is an excellent choice for low level glazing in schools and other public buildings. It has good fire behaviour characteristics and receives high ratings in several major European fire performance tests. It achieves a class 1Y rating to BS476 Part 7 surface spread of flame.

Polycarbonate screens are currently being used in the fight against the Coronavirus. Barriers for cashiers in supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol stations, and reception staff in hospitals, doctor and dentist surgeries are one way to help shield employees, customers and patients. These clear screens look just like glass, yet will not smash if dropped or banged into. They are also much lighter than glass and easier to manoeuvre if required. They can be slotted into a fixed frame or suspended from the ceiling. We will cut to the exact size that you need and if you want to shape or cut holes in the plastic shield then you can do so by using a fine tooth blade.

We can also supply an alternative to Georgian Wired glass in our Birchwood GW Georgian Wired Effect Polycarbonate. This innovative product mimics the appearance of Georgian Wired glass, but has all the benefits of polycarbonate, being lightweight and virtually unbreakable.

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