Structural Glazing Bar Systems


We offer a wide range of structural glazing bar systems, the majority of which can be used for glazing with glass or solid polycarbonate, in addition to the multiwall polycarbonate for which they were designed.

A structural glazing bar system, sometimes referred to as 'self-supporting glazing bar' is designed to free-span from the ridge down to the eaves on a sloping roof. The table below shows our range of structural bars and their spanning capacity. If your required length is longer than the recommended spans, a cross member or purlin is required to provide additional support for the glazing bars.

  Maximum span with:
Bar System Multiwall polycarbonate 6.8mm Laminated Glass 24mm glass unit
P227 1.4m not tested not tested
P280 3.2m 2.2m 1.5m
P288 4m not suitable 2.6m

Please note that the polycarbonate spans above are based on 16mm or 25mm multiwall polycarbonate and the glass spans are based on maximum 600mm glazing centres. The majority of our glazing bar systems come supplied with a push-fit plastic end plate included in the pack which is designed for use with multiwall polycarbonate. When glazing with glass, a mechanically fixed end plate should always be used with our bars to prevent the glass from slipping. All of our bar systems should be installed at a minimum 5° pitch to prevent water ingress.

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