Bespoke safety padding for bollards and door stoppers

20 Apr 23

We recently installed a long door stopper to prevent our office door from being damaged by the strong winds that we sometimes experience at the front of our premises. It can be like a wind tunnel at times and the door opens into the wind.

We were worried about people walking into the post as well as the door hitting the metal and getting damaged so we decided to put our safety padding know how to the test.

To add a layer of padded protection we designed this bespoke safety pad. It is made from 50mm thick high impact foam covered with washable PVC. We chose blue to fit in with the colour scheme on the trading estate. We even had a topper made for full coverage.

If you need a padded solution to a problem at your premises please get in touch. Photos and measurements are always a good starting point.

Safety Padding at 3 Ravenhurst Court


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